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St Barths
27 – 30 March 2014

19 – 22 March 2015

17 – 20 March 2016

16 – 19 March 2017



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  Photograph of St BArths harbor at night, with yachts docked

St Barths Bucket 2014 Class Breaks


Class Breaks as of 28 March 2014

CLASS BREAKS                                                                                              

Yacht Rig Builder Designer LOA (m)
Hetairos Ketch Baltic Dykstra NA 66.7
Visione Sloop Baltic Reichel Pugh 44.9
Saudade Sloop Wally Tripp 45.0
Kamaxitha Ketch Royal Huisman Dykstra NA 55.0
Inoui Sloop Vitters Briand 33.0
Nilaya Sloop Reichel Pugh Baltic 34.1
Rainbow Sloop Holland Jachtbouw Dykstra NA 40.0
Cape Arrow Sloop Southern Wind Farr-Nauta 30.0
Yacht Rig Builder Designer LOA (m)
Ganesha Sloop Vitters Dubois 45.9
Ohana Sloop Fitzroy Dubois 49.7
Lady B Sloop Vitters Dubois 44.7
Varsovie Sloop Swan Frers 30.5
Unfurled Sloop Royal Huisman Frers 34.1
Marie Ketch Vitters Hoek 54.6
Hyperion Sloop Royal Huisman Frers 47.5
Twizzle Ketch Royal Huisman Dubois 57.5
Adele Ketch Vitters Hoek 54.6
Adela Schooner Pendennis Rest. Dykstra NA 54.9
Yacht Rig Builder Designer LOA (m)
Pumula Sloop Royal Huisman Dykstra NA 37.4
Sarafin Sloop Oyster Marine Dubois 30.8
Moonbird Sloop Fitzroy Dubois 37.1
Lush Sloop Oyster Marine Humphreys 27.5
Axia Ketch Palmer Johnson S&S 37.6
Whitehawk Ketch Neilson King 28.0
Marama Ketch N2A Preslec 30.9
Bequia Yawl Brooklin BY Stephens 27.5
Genevieve Sloop Alloy Dubois 36.9
Blue Too Ketch Alloy Holland 33.8
Wavelength Sloop Pendennis Holland 27.4
Yacht Rig Builder Designer LOA (m)
State of Grace Sloop Perini Navi Holland 40.0
Seahawk Ketch Perini Navi Holland 58.6
Clan VIII Sloop Perini Navi Holland 45.1
Meteor Schooner Royal Huisman Dykstra NA 51.6
Parsifal III Ketch Perini Navi Holland 54.0
Altair Sloop Derecktor S&S 29.2
Zenji Ketch Perini Navi Holland 56.0
Silencio Ketch Perini Navi Perini 50.0
Andromeda la Dea Ketch Perini Navi Perini 46.5

Comments from the Race Chairman with the preliminary postings earlier...

We are pleased to be able to post the preliminary class breaks for the 2014 edition of the St Barths Bucket a month before the racing begins.

In the interest of safe sailing and fair racing, we have retained the meaningful changes to the racing format that debuted last year in St Barths racing format this year (posted here). If you were not racing with us last year it is worth understanding these changes in the context of a new emphasis on ‘class racing’.

We ask that participating yacht owners and crews assess the class breaks in the context of the facts and considerations that I share with you in this letter. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments, but will ask that only the yacht owner’s designated representative contact us with questions or comments.

We recognize that getting class breaks correct can be as important to good racing as proper handicaps. There are a number of factors that are taken into account when assigning the class breaks including rating bands, speed potential, displacement/length ratio, sail area/displacement ratios, etc. And there are, of course, some limiting factors from a race management standpoint, such as the number and type of yachts entered and practical class size. We publish these preliminary class breaks after considerable analysis and dialogue with our working committee.

One of our goals, based on feedback from participating owners, is to provide 'like racing' - that is to have yachts which perform in a similar fashion in a variety of different conditions - race together. That is difficult to do in some instances given how disparate many of the superyachts are, but it is an important consideration. There are a number of factors we take into account in our effort to make this happens - even if it means expanding the rating bands. A boat's Sail Area/ Displacement Ratio (both the upwind & downwind numbers) and Displacement/Length Ratio (DLR) are three key factors that come into play.

Determining class breaks solely on handicap would be a simple task, look tidy on the scratch sheet, and in some cases result in tighter rating bands. But this would not provide 'like racing' and the quality class competition that superyacht owners are looking for in St Barths. 

On any given year there are unique considerations and limitations concerning class breaks and this year is no exception:

There will be 38 yachts racing in St Barths - all handicapped under the International Super Yacht Rule (ISYR). Last year we had a standalone J Class;

  • It is a disparate fleet featuring sloops, schooners and ketches, with LOA ranging from 27-67 metres, displacement between 67-562 metric tons, and a speed differential from the fastest to slowest yacht in fleet nearing 5 minutes per mile;
  • The yachts will be divided into 4 classes (with preliminary breaks as follows):
    • Les Gazelles des Mers                  8 yachts
    • Les Elegantes des Mers              10 yachts
    • Les Mademoiselles des Mers       11 yachts
    • Les Grandes Dames des Mers       9 yachts
  • As was the case last year, racing will feature the popular pursuit racing format with a focus on class racing. The handicapper (ISYR) will use the same controls used to bring the finishes together, to separate the classes. The racing will be structured such that each class finishes together (as opposed to the entire fleet), with classes staggered by approximately 10 minutes. 

As always, we welcome your feedback. We are reluctant to make last minute changes to class assignments, hence timely feedback is requested.

We look forward to seeing everyone next month and to the prospects of more great racing in St Barths.

Sincerely yours,

Peter Craig
Race Chairman