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17 – 20 March 2016

16 – 19 March 2017

15 – 18 March 2018

21 - 24 March 2019

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  Photograph of St BArths harbor at night, with yachts docked

2016 St Barths Bucket: Race Courses and Diagrams


2016 Marks of the Course and Courses

Sailing Instructions - Exhibit 6 (pdf) posted 1 March, 2016

Background notes on the new course options...

In response to requests from many of our long time participants, we are pleased to introduce some exciting new racecourse options.  In some instances it will bring the beauty and excitement of superyachts under sail closer to shoreside viewers.

With the Racing Rules’ Appendix SY firmly established and our recently adopted staggered class finishes, we are able to introduce these options without compromising safe racing. In fact, the proper mix of courses can serve to reduce congestion, particularly on the ‘Not So Wiggley Course’, which has produced significant class mixing at or near Roche de Boeuf in the past.  This year, we are confident about achieving more separation and fewer overtaking situations between yachts in different classes.

A new mark in the Bay of St Jean will feature spinnaker takedowns that will provide new challenges for crews and exciting race viewing from the beach during our ‘Round the Island Course’, depending of course on the reliable St Barths trade winds.

When racing clockwise around the island, many of the new course options allow for passage between Ile Chevreau, Ile Fregate and Ile Toc Vers. This was in play years ago, but was eliminated because of the single finishing time for a fleet that was growing in size every year. These new ‘Wrong Way Around Courses’ will provide the yacht’s afterguard with more options and new tactical challenges.

The Bucket stewards and race committee are looking forward to more terrific Bucket racing this year and to working together with all participants to produce a safe, challenging, and enjoyable competition for the yacht owners and their crews.

Good sailing!

Peter Craig
Race Chairman